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Pemburu Hantu – Realiti Metafizik

Satu lagi karya baru FM Production dalam usaha menawarkan variasi kefahaman tentang dunia “hantu” melalui medium yang lebih logik, moden, dan relevan.

About The Program

Pemburu Hantu
7-May-2009, 11:00:00 PM
Genre: Documentary
Language: Bahasa Malaysia
Also Available: Starts 7 May , Thursday, 11.00pm

This program features three young ghost hunters, of different characters; an overly brave one, an egoistic, argumentative one, and a scaredy-cat but keen in knowing, who go around selected locations investigating whether or not the locations are really haunted. These ghost hunters go from one place to another to explore the locations with their gadgets, and make analysis based on their findings at the location. Findings will be studied, then discussed and debated among the ghost hunters in their lab, to come up with a solution or a final say in what they have found. Investigations are carried out with scientific methods using specific gadgets, such as CCTVs, night vision, heat detectors, beam barriers, motion sensors, hydrometers and EMF detectors alongside computer technology.

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